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音乐表演者是不可或缺的角色:Indispensable role of music performers

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不管我们是从我们民族获得的文化还是我们所说讲的语言,无疑是我们分享共同的词--音乐。一个好的音乐作品能点燃我们的热情,激发灵感,平静情绪,放松身体。同一首乐曲可以通过演奏者的情感和意图来传达不同的含义。 [1]纵观历史,每一个时代都涌现出无数优秀的音乐表演者。他们运用自己独特的理解和精彩的演奏技巧,通过各种表演形式展现出音乐的魅力:独奏、交响乐、协奏曲和协奏曲。表演不能被任何种类的录音所取代,因此音乐演奏者在把这一声学转化为现实的过程中扮演着重要的角色。
Regardless which the nation we are from, which culture we acquire and what language we speak, undoubtedly we share the common word------music. A good piece of music can ignite our enthusiasm, stimulate inspiration , calm emotions and relax our body. One same piece of music can be performed to convey different meanings by the emotion and intentions of performer. [1] Throughout history, numerous excellent music performers emerged in every age. They use their unique understanding and wonderful playing technics to show us the charm of music through various kinds of performances: Solo; Unison; Ensemble; Symphony and Concerto. Live performance can not be replaced by any kinds of recordings, so music performers plays an important role in translating this acoustical into reality. [2]

在奥尔巴尼的大学里,有许多著名的和受人尊敬的音乐表演者。如MAX Lifchitz教授。他是一个优秀的作曲家,演奏家,管理员和教育家。在他优秀的研究中2005年教授阿尔滨扎克兑现的是一个音乐家,作曲家,歌曲作者和唱片制作人。At the University at Albany, there are many famous and respected music performers. Such as Professor Max Lifchitz. He is an excellent composer, performer, administrator and educator. he was honored with an Excellence in Research Award In 2005. Professor Albin Zak is a musicologist, composer, songwriter, and record producer. His recordings of original songs include In the Hurricane, Across the Brazos, By the Side of the Road, etc. a successful symphony is attributed to the cooperation of every strict players, like performers of violin, viola, oboe, clarinet, trombone, tuba and so on.

每个人都扮演着独特的角色,尤其是指挥。一个指挥者负责带领大家在管弦乐队或乐队遵循正确的节奏,他引导,激励和良好的组织所有的音乐家或歌手,以最好地解释这段音乐。指挥家威廉乔恩灰色是在奥尔巴尼大学的合唱研究主任。我曾经在二学期参加过他的京剧历史课,他对我们友好而且非常友好,他的课很吸引人。当他在印第安那大学学习时,他经常和罗伯特肖一起表演罗伯特音乐节的歌手。在2010日和2012日,格雷博士为DVOřáK的安魂曲表演的专业主管格兰特公园音乐节合唱团,这是一个结合了古典主义和浪漫主义的杰作。Everyone plays the unique role in performance, especially the conductor. A conductor is responsible to lead everyone in an orchestra or a group to follow correct rhythm, he guides, motivates and well organizes all the musicians or singers to best interpret the piece of music. Conductor William Jon Gray is Director of Choral Studies at the University at Albany. I ever attended his opera history class in second semester, he is friendly and very nice to we students, and his class is quite attractive. He often performed with Robert Shaw as a member of the Robert Shaw Festival Singers when he studied in Indiana University. In August of 2010 and 2012, Dr. Gray was in charge of the professional Grant Park Music Festival Chorus for performances of Dvořák’s Requiem, it was a masterwork combined with classicism and romanticism. In performance the piece of work is composed of soprano, alto, tenor and bass soloists., for music instruments, it includes an orchestra of piccolo, flutes, oboes, English horn, clarinets, bass clarinet bassoons, contrabassoon, horn, trumpet, trobones, tuba, timpani, tam-tam, campane, organ, harp and strings. Dr. Gray also cooperated with Carlos Kalmar and played Haydn’s The Seasons. [3] Recently he conducted chorus Leonore Overture NO.2, OP,72 composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven in University-Community Symphony Orchestra and chorale,. Sinfonia of Leonore Overture was only played in front of little audience. The opera premiere in 1805 was the sinfonia 2, after 3rd amendment in 1814, the opera began to use a new sinfonia, which is also what we know now. The whole prelude was accomplished in sonata form. The opening was a grey downward music sentence, it symbolizes the gloomy beginning of story. Following is a sad melody played by the woodwind section of the orchestra and directly introduces the main theme of the sinfonia. In order to make an immediate contrast, exposition is much longer than development in this work. Basic theme is expressed by eight degrees in unison by violin and cello. After development in this theme, the second theme starts at phase eight from aria. Then comes the development, the most attractive part is two emergency of trumpet solo from outside the stage. It is also the turning point of emotions------it breaks through the darkness and sadness of music and bring it to the climax. Following trumpet, we can hear the flute solo, it seems glory of freedom is brought by the solo. Music theme has got rid of the darkness and struggle, and move to the glorious ending in triumph and victory. Epilogue is introduced by a sharp change in octachord of strings. The sadness due to loss of victory of protagonist turned to be the song of victory, it is also the chorus sang by Beethoven for the liberation and freedom of human being and vision for his ideal.[4]

Unlike symphony with various musical instruments, chamber singers spring up in many universities. It is a small chorus, using mixed voices instead of instruments to perform a wide variety of music.
This is the charm of music, inheriting by the dancing notes from generation to generation, it will never disappear or fade. With the development of times, it will grow, blossom and carry out the new interpretation in the new era.
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